Winsight Food Supply Chain

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Winsight Wholesales has a strong tradition of working with some of the largest wholesalers and fast food companies in the world. Our customers include Costco, Jetro, Smart & Final, Office Depot, HEB, and Pollo Loco. With a large inventory to provide reliable and multi-dimensional support, we offer customers the advantage of working with one vendor who can provide them with products over several different categories to meet their needs efficiently.


With a reputation for quality, commitment, customer service, and competitive pricing, we have the confidence to match every customer’s requirements with non-stop creativity. We are also proud to support a network of local distribution companies and minority operated retailers who proudly sell our products to their core market.


In addition, we provide tailored service for our customers, including product design, packaging design, label design, and even factory set-up assistance. Please check our consulting department to learn more.


Product line:


  • Beverage
  • Grocery
  • Candy
  • Frozen Food
  • Provision
  • Perishable 



  • Pizza Box
  • Take-out containers, PP containers
  • Foil pans, lids, catering trays
  • Straw & Stirrers
  • Foil Rolls and Pop-Ups
  • Cutlery and Cutlery Kits
  • Gloves